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Sports Physiotherapy

Return from injury better than ever before when you commence your sports injury rehab here at the Sydney Sports Academy. We have standalone consultations & a medium to long injury rehab program to suit any injury you may face. 


Team of specialist coaches who will individualise your training program for your own sport specific development

You will have your own tailored individual program for your sport specific needs. Our team of coaches will assess, design & implement the best program for your needs to maximise your development.


Monthly performance testing to analyse your strengths & weaknesses, tracking your progress & where future opportunities for growth are 

We will know your strengths, weaknesses & where you need to focus on for your own athlete development. Every month we will track your performance tests to make sure you're getting results.


Develop explosive acceleration, top speed, fast footwork & an engine that will give you the edge in the big games 

Our speed, agility & conditioning coaching is the gold standard in Australia. Speed is king. It's what our athletes know & come to us for. We pride ourselves on being the leaders in speed development. We know how to make athletes fast, agile & have an engine that makes a difference.


Build strength & power that will transfer to the sport you play

Our training methods will combine a strong foundational strength with explosive movements to transfer what you do in the gym to the sport you play.


Utilise the best recovery equipment world class athletes use to look after your body

Our recovery room & system is fitted with world class recovery equipment that will be structured into your training regime to ensure you prepare & recover effectively week to week.


Prepare & train like a professional athlete

Be guided & educated by our specialist coaches to teach you how to prepare & train like a professional athlete. As a senior rep athlete playing semi - professional sport, we will level up your weekly regime to ensure you are maximising your performance & development as you progress to higher levels of representative sport.


Eat like an athlete, by utilising our nutrition station which will guide & educate you on what foods will help maximise your recovery & performance

Our nutrition station will teach you what to eat pre-training & post training to help your muscles recover faster, allowing you to train more frequently. Our nutrition station is filled with BodyScience supplementation that HASTA sports certified, meaning you are getting the best fuel used by world class sporting organisations.


Your working with a team of specialist coaches with over a decade of professional coaching experience

Our coaches have worked in professional sport across multiple fields & specialise in developing athletes. 


Train in a professional sporting environment, made for athletes only 

Our Athlete performance center is a professional sporting environment made for athletes only. This is not a commercial gym, you will train around other like minded athletes who are pushing for success in their sport.

Program Cost

$100 p/w 


  • Individual strength & conditioning program tailored for your development

  • Unlimited Strength sessions

  • Unlimited Recovery room sessions

  • Unlimited Speed, agility & conditioning sessions

  • Nutrition station access 

  • Your own personal strength & conditioning coach

  • Performance testing & evaluations

  • Facility access during open gym times

Minimum membership period is 24 weeks. Additional fees will apply if you want to pay weekly by direct debit.

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