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Junior & senior athletes, you want  to improve your speed & agility for the sport you play & you’ve been looking for a solution to help fix this problem. It’s here with our 10 week speed & agility program designed for junior & senior athletes of all track, field & court sports. After 10 weeks you will:


  • RUN FASTER so you can excel at your sport, be more confident, back yourself in training & competition which means you can play at your best. 

  • LEARN CORRECT TECHNIQUE so you can build a strong foundation of running & agility technique to ensure they move faster & more efficiently on the field which means having the edge over your opponents.

  • INCREASE FITNESS so you can run all game, keep the intensity up in training & in competitions which means you can take advantage when the opposition team gets tired.

  • BE EXPLOSIVE OFF THE MARK so you can react & accelerate faster which means you don’t have to worry about being slow off the mark anymore.

  • GAIN BELIEF & CONFIDENCE so you can train & play with confidence every week. You will play at your best when you have belief in your ability. 

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We will fix your technique, increase your speed & agility where people will start to notice your impact. 
Check out the video below. 


  • How do I sign up to the 10 week program?
    After you have selected the amount of training sessions you can commit to each week, you can get in contact with us via our 'express your interest' button on our website. Simply fill out the details, and we will give you a call to book you in for your first session.
  • Is there a set start term date for the 10 week program?
    No, our speed & agility sessions run for 50 weeks of the year with no set term start & end dates. You can sign up & start your 10 weeks at right now.
  • Where are the speed & agility sessions held & what time?
    Caddies Creek Reserve, Beaumont Hills Monday to Friday 5-6pm 6-7pm
  • How many people are in each group session?
    We have two coaches who coach the group session. The maximum we take in a group session is 20 people. In the event we reach capacity we split into two groups of 10 to maintain our athlete to coach ratio.
  • How many sessions per week can I attend?
    We have training packages ranging from 1 - 3 x per week. The maximum is 3x per week to ensure recovery between sessions.
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